• SmartVeney12

    Hello. I'm SmartVeney12, and I've just recently started a wiki for MGAE's newest plush toy brand, Mooshka, based on the term for a small being who is sweet and adorable. As you know, I'm trying to expand it and I know that I can't do it alone. That is why I'm requesting some additional help from other wiki users so that we can make it very readable for those who want to read about the franchise. If any of you don't know about this wiki is about, I'll explain more: It revolves around a group of paper doll friends who join hands and, through the power of friendship, sprung into sweet, huggable girls; and its tagline is "Sweet and huggable, oh so lovable". It is expecting to be in stores sometime around August. That's all I can give you right …

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